The POA Group Life Assurance Scheme has been offered to members of the Prison Officers Association since 1982.

Underwritten by Canada Life Group Insurance the policy provides Life Insurance to Prison Officers and their families at a fixed premium, currently £16.25 per month.

Under the scheme Members receive Life Assurance cover of £59,000 covering death from any cause.

Members can share their cover with a nominated spouse or partner. Under this arrangement the Members cover reduces to £47,000 but an additional £12,000 cover is provided for the life of a nominated Spouse/Partner.

Children of the Member are automatically covered for a death benefit of £6,000, up to age 18, or 21 if in full time education.

Members must belong to the Association in order to be eligible for cover under the scheme.

Retired Prison Officers can continue their cover at the same premium, however the benefits under the scheme are reduced for retired members to £29,500 for member only cover, or £23,500 and £6,000 for member and partner cover.

All cover ceases at age 70.

Special Offer – 6 months free cover for new members of the Prison Officers Association.
New members of the Association pay nothing for the first six months of cover, provided they join within the first three months of joining the Prison Service.

Existing members of the POA aged under 65 may join the scheme, subject to confirmation that they are actively in work, in their normal occupation and number of contracted hours, have not been medically advised against working and have not been absent from work due to ill health or injury in the 8 weeks preceding the application.