GAP insurance covers the difference between the original value of a vehicle and the current market value that motor insurers pay in the event of a total loss, or to assist in clearing the outstanding loan.

Available covers:

  • Fleet GAP – For companies who have 5+ vehicles running up to 44 ton, either on lease, finance or purchased outright. This cover will include both new vehicles and those already purchased.
  • Purchase Price Protection – For new/used cars or light vans up to 8 years old.
  • Lease GAP – For commercial vehicles or cars up to 44 tons on a lease agreement.
  • Agreed Value GAP – Protection for the value of your client’s car today.
  • Total Loss Top-Up – GAP insurance for new and second hand cars, in the event of a total loss this policy will top up the motor insurer’s settlement figure by 25% (policy limits apply)

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