If you didn’t turn up for work tomorrow would your business survive? And if so, how long could it keep trading?

Many company owners drive the sales in their own businesses or perform a vital role which can’t be replaced quickly, easily or as cheaply. A business owner passing away is not only a personal and emotional loss, but it has a big impact financially on both the family and company.

Would your spouse, partner or children be capable of continuing to run the business and, if they are, would they want to do so? Have you thought about what would need to happen to sell the business for the best price or to close it down in an orderly manner?

The Expert Insurance Group can help you arrange a keyman policy to protect the financial health of your business in the event that you, or other key members of staff, were to die. The money can be used to pay for an interim manager to cover a prolonged period of absence or to manage the business whilst it is prepared for sale or run down. It could be used to pay someone to complete work that you are contracted to do, cover a short term downturn in profits or to pay employees or suppliers. It can cover critical illness as well as death.

Speaking to an advisor from the Expert Insurance Group is a great place to start. An advisor that specialises in business protection will look at your current and future financial business plans and help you decide on the type of protection that is best for you as an individual and your company. Then we’ll help you set up a suitable trust that will make sure that your wishes are carried out.

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