Home Insurance Advice for the Back to School Season

As a child the ubiquitous back to school notices which appeared in the shop windows from July onwards were a source of constant irritation.  How things change!

As a parent those self same notices herald the return of peace and sanity to the homestead during daylight hours and a significant reduction in the demands on the family budget, the coffers having taken a final pounding in the dog days of August with the purchase of school uniforms and pairs of shoes and trainers for every possible pass time.

Until recently most students heading off to University did so with a backpack of disreputable t-shirts, torn jeans, a portable TV and a cd/radio player. The most expensive item that my sister took was a wok.  Today’s University students are laden down with the latest tech and a suitcase full of designer gear. Some will head into halls, others into shared flats and houses without a second thought for the value of the items that they are carrying with them.

University Students are more careful with their goods and chattels than your average school pupil (my own son managed to average one lost school fleece, polo shirt or sweatshirt a week – he never lost the cheap non branded items – why would he?), however even the most careful student can be the victim of crime and its sensible to get some protection against loss or damage to the things they take away.

The best place to get cover for a smart phone is from your mobile phone provider. The insurance that they provide should include cover for the cost of any calls made by a thief as well as the cost of lists or damage to the phone itself. Check with your provider for full details of coverage and any excess that might apply.

Many home insurance policies include an extension that covers children’s possessions whilst they are at university, however this may be limited to quite a small amount and may not cover items in halls or shared accommodation.  Check with your insurers to find out exactly what your policy covers.

iPads, laptops, and other tech items can also be insured as an extension to the parents household insurance policy, however you will need to make sure that your policy includes cover for items taken outside of the home as many of these things will be on the move every time your child leaves their room. Don’t forget to cover bicycles and sporting equipment too.

If your home insurers won’t or can’t cover everything then there are specialist insurance policies available that are designed to cover students possessions. These can be quite limited and may exclude shared accommodation or limit cover for tech items, so be sure to ask for proper advice.

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