The Expert Insurance Group look after a wide range of businesses. From factories to nursing homes, offices to contractors, we provide help and advice that is designed to simplify the insurance process.

There are lots of different insurance policies on the market and it is important to ensure that you have the right cover for your business. The Expert Insurance Group help customers understand what insurance they need to buy and how it applies to their individual set of circumstances. For example a business will often need to breakdown their assets between computer equipment,electrical equipment, machinery, stock and general contents. We can help advise when a telephone system becomes a piece of computer equipment and when a till stops being an electronic device.

Customers often forget to include cover for building or fit out work that they have carried out to the building, and even things like alarms and shop glass need to be covered. Other common mistakes relate to under insurance -taking the write down value of assets or undervaluing the cost of replacing the equipment that you own. The Expert Insurance Group can help and guide you with these issues and more.

What do you do about the equipment you take away from the office? Is it insured and if so do you have cover for the places inthe world where you might take it? Is it ever worth adding mobile phone cover to your office policy?

What about goods in transit -should you add this onto your commercial cover, buy a specialist marine policy or use the couriersown insurance cover. We can help advise you on what the ups and downsides are with each of these options so you can make the best decision for your business.

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