If you are a builder, plumber, electrician, gas installer, glazier, pest exterminator, roofer, kitchen fitter, telephone engineer, window cleaner or IT contractor you will be one of the army of UK workers who need liability cover for the work that you do away from your premises. You might be a sole trader, you might employ people to work for you, either directly or as bonafidesub contractors or labour only workers. Whatever trade or profession you are in the Expert Insurance Group can help you find the best contractors insurance for you.

Over the years the Expert Insurance Group have helped hundreds of lovely people to find the right contractors liability coverfor their business. From bee keepers to builders, plasterers to tillers and tree surgeons we have access to a wide range of policies from a variety of insurers.

We can offer cover on a per capita basis or wage roll and turnover. We have insurers who offer fixed premiums as well those who offer cover on a minimum and deposit basis.

Our contractors policies can include cover for tools or we can offer more extensive cover for contractors all risks -this will cover your plant, hired in plant, temporary building and the contract works themselves. This type of cover can be sold as stand alone coveror combined with a contractors liability policy.

For further details or help and advice please call 01825 745 410 and ask to speak to one of our lovely insurance advisors.

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