If you employ staff then you need to protect yourself against the possibility of a claim from an employee arising out of their employment with you.

From tribunals for unfair dismissal, to discrimination for sexual or racial discrimination every business runs the risk that a disgruntled employee may take action against the employer, whether justified or not.

An employment practices liability policy will protect the business against the cost of having to defend an action brought against it by a disaffected employee. It will also cover the cost of any damages awarded.

Most employment practices liability policies come complete with an employer helpline that can be an essential reference pointfor help and advice when dealing with your workforce.

There are some policies which come with the support of documentation packages which provide a suite of literature for you to personalise and create policies, procedures, handbooks and recruitment letters etcto make sure that your business stays on the right side of the law.

This essential protection costs less than you would think -the documents package can save business money on human resources advisers and the legal protection cover is cheaper than the cost most lawyers charge for monthly employment retainer schemes.

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