Medical Malpractice Insurance is a requirement for a number of professionals. The Expert Insurance Group can help all sorts of medical practitioners to find the right cover for their professional duties.

Many people working in the health and associated professions need access to good quality medical malpractice to protect them. This is particularly true of holistic therapists and other similar specialists including qualified medical practitioners involved in botox, lifts and fillers.

The Expert Insurance Group looks after a vast array of health professionals. We arrange the medical malpractice insurance for phlebotomists, nurses, paramedics, occupational health advisors, surgeons assistants, Health care assistants, haematologists, pharmacists, chiropractors, dieticians, health visitors, chemists and Locums to name just a few. We can also offer cover for doctor’s surgeries, clinics, dentist practices and cosmetic surgeons.

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We understand that Unite Trade Union may have a scheme that protects their midwife members. This is the only place that we are aware of that offers this type of cover for Midwives.

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