There are many places where people work. Whether you occupy a swish office block, a room over a shop, a home office in the houseor garden shed, a shared office or a virtual one or even the coffee shop on the high street we can help you. From owner occupiers to renters there are many issues to consider when buying office insurance cover.

If you own your premises then you need cover for the buildings -this might be in the name if your business, your personal capacity or as a pension fund or property owning trust. It's important to get it right. If you rent your office space then you will need to think about insuring any tenants improvements that you make -this could be as basic as the carpet or flooring that you fit to a complete internal makeover.

The wiring you put in and any alarms, safes and security systems all need to be covered. You might need to break down the valuesof your computer and electrical equipment as well as you contents, stock and machinery. It's important to get your sums right. Many people make the mistake of insuring for book value rather than replacement cost as new. Check that you have the right sum insured.

Be careful to insure your office correctly. Check the policy definitions -stock and materials if trade are often not covered bythe contents definition and an office policy may be unsuitable to cover the risk -this is particularly an issue for internet businesses and those people that work from home.

If you share your office accommodation with others you will need to tell your office insurers. Equally if you are in servicedoffices where you don't have control over the alarm system or security of the building your insurers will have to be told.

Office insurance usually includes cover for public, occupiers and employers liability. You should be sure to understand what this covers particularly if you do any work away from the office. Estate Agents for example need extra cover for the surveying work that they do as well as their boards which are in/on their customers property and building. If you are a Tenant check that your policy covers you for tenants liabilities.

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