Most people who buy Professional Indemnity Insurance need some help and advice. It’s important to understand the special rules that apply. That’s why The Expert Insurance Group offer a fully advised service from our lovely offices in Sussex.

Our Specialists at PI Expert help thousands of businesses with their professional indemnity cover each year. From explaining the importance of the retroactive date, to making sure policyholders understand the significance of the ongoing obligations of a claims made policy.

We make sure our customers know what they are buying and are aware of the differences between costs inclusive and costs in addition cover. We also explain the long term premium implications for short term contracting projects and for businesses that either cease trading due to retirement or because the proprietor decides to return to paid employment.

There are lots of different types of professional indemnity policy wordings and these are often trade specific. We make sure our customers pay the right premium to protect their business, but also have a robust professional indemnity insurance policy that will protect them if they have to make a claim.

You can buy professional indemnity cover from our website, but we would really prefer to chat to you so we can make sure that you are properly protected and there is no surprises later on.

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