Liability insurance covers the things that individuals or businesses do that cause damage or harm to others. This could be members of the public, customers or your staff.

Every limited company that employs people must buy employers liability insurance, even if they only employ family members. Unincorporated businesses that only employ family members are not obliged by law to purchase employers liability cover, but we recommend that they do -after all if your son or daughter was injured in an accident at work you'd want some protection for them in respect of the injuries that they sustain?

If your business uses the services of temporary employees or labour only sub contractors then you'll also need employers liability cover. In fact the law considers anyone to be your employee if you control what they do even if they are volunteers or students doing work experience, apprentices or interns.

The current legal requirement for employers liability insurance in the UK is for £5,000,000 per business, although normally insurers issue cover at a limit of £10,000,000. If you have a group of companies then the level of cover required for the group will be higher than £5,000,000. If you do not have the right cover in place when you should do then you can be fined up to £2,000 per day.

Employers Liability Insurance comes as a package with public and sometimes products liability cover. Public and products liability cover can be bought separately and in some cases a business might have cover as part of an office or commercial combined insurance policy.Itmight also be included with professional indemnity cover.

Employers liability cover provides protection for your employees against injuries that befall them whilst at work, public liability on the other

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